Once A Week Beard And Face Revitalizing Oil Mask

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Very sensual and warm, dry and sweet, spicy and leathery


Smokey oud enriched with sandalwood, amber, saffron, incense, rose


Warm and powerful oriental myrrh with spicy notes warmed up by vanilla with smoky accents of ambry woods 


Fresh tobacco mixed with a touch of warm and sweet flowery fragrance of wild Cherry 


Your status symbol….flamboyant but intimate, animalistic , sweet and tangy oud, smoky wet leather, musky and flowery, mossy and spicy….scent to die for…


Opulent and luxurious scent…delicious bergamot dominated with intense gum resins, incense and touch of sweet vanilla, rich jasmine, oakmoss, spicy ginger and warm woody notes


Refined, not loud...the delicious sweetness, notes of oakmoss, orange peel, leather, amber and animalic notes....


Red light district dusty curtain comes to mind....dark and heavy, warm and deep but not loud, chocolate and cognac, gourmet mushrooms, herbal minty/camphor/moldy accord sneaking from the back


Lustful and sexy, floral, powdery sweeter green rose, pepper and turmeric, lots of patchouli, earthy and chocolaty


Woody freshness and pure masculinity for a confident man


A smoky, bitter birch-tar leather accord combines with thyme, raspberry, and saffron


Fruity and smoky. Pineapple is accompanied by bergamot and fresh tart apple, smoky birch and, oak moss and vanilla


Dark rich leather, sweetened by dried fruit and gentle rose in the background, along with more subtle oud, tobacco and vanilla


Fresh scent of rose, pepper, bergamot, peppermint, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli


Woodsy and spicy blend of vetiver, patchouli, Virginia cedar, incense, bergamot, pink pepper, pepper, cypress and thuja


Bergamot, mandarin orange, lemon, lavender, myrtle, rosemary and bitter orange; middle notes are African orange flower, jasmine and neroli; base notes are amber and angelica


Complex mix of bergamot, lemon, apples, Angelica root, rose, clove, peppers, patchouli and white birch. Finishes with a trail of cedar, iris, oak moss and musk


The smell of sea breeze, water and rocks, salty seaweed, moist driftwood, hint of citrus, peppery pine, celery seeds, juniper and vetiver




Fresh and elegant. Citruses, cypress, aromatic herbs, wood resins 


Citruses, spices, precious wood and  


Rich and romantic rose and saffron, deep oud and woody notes give it some sort of darkness, warm amber and sweet patchouli adds elegance to this classy, elegant and delicious scent


Decadent and sweet refined velvety suede like scent, vanilla and saffron, hint of sweet resinous oud, rose and spices in a background


Extremely fresh with natural saltiness, green, intensive lime and citrus presentation, slowly transforms into a woodsy fruity dry down but avoiding being sweet, flowery and peppery,  leathery and oudish vibe, sniff of a cigarette smoke from far away


Woody and smoky with a hint of dark roses this warm luxurious boozy aroma brings a punch of spicy agarwood goodness, patchouli and ladan makes all composition very dry and masculine. Bergamot, vetiver and hints of a rough leather aroma mixes with a soft resinous woody aura


This dark, rich, sweet, spicy scent opens boldly with the bergamot, neroli, Sichuan pepper, jasmine and ginger drying into boozy cognac and subtle vanilla and tobacco awesomeness screams sophistication right from your skin


Not loud but dark and decadently heavy.  Mature, balmy, little whiffs of rose, decaying orchids in a depth of a rain forest, truffles, dark chocolate, gardenia, some fruity undertones, molasses, jasmine and patchouli, faint wood and dark chocolate.


Heavy, sensual but not overpowering or dark. Luxurious grapefruit and mandarin, ashy raspberry and frankincense, jasmine, caravan of spices, oud and precious saffron. Opulent, elegant, regal and rich.....


Unique and luxurious, classy powdery bitter almond and lavender, touch of refined leather, powdered vanilla, some citrus, a bit spicy, slightly sweet


Fresh, green, spicy, warm and clean, slight metallic note at the opening, then spray is of mandarin and then the dry down smells of fern, lavender and ginger


Oriental-ambery fragrance..notes of bergamot, lime, Sicilian mandarin, cardamom, nutmeg and thyme, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. At the base are cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, ambery woods and vanilla


Rich, thick, seductive oudh, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood, nutmeg and saffron, fig, spice and slight smokiness tucked away


Elegant, discreet and expensive. Bitter citrus and peach proceeding to a predominantly floral heart...powdery patchouli base surrounded by vetiver, nutmeg, cinnamon and sandalwood, clove spicy touch and soft woody vibe


Warm sweetness and rich spicy facets, sumptuous and scintillating, pink pepper, orris root, bitter salt and driftwood, smoky incense and resins…. Luxurious, mysterious, and highly sensual

  • Elegant, fresh and clean, bright, luscious, complex and classy. Opens with green fruity citruses, touch of lavender. Middle is flowery and fruity, apples and currant leading in to herbal base that is spicy, musky, woody and leathery

  • #woudyou
  • Pungent and bold rich gourmand mature sweet oud, saffron and oakmoss, leather and musk, Rock rose and tobacco leaf, bergamot and grapefruit
  • #avantgard
  • Bergamot and cloves, roses, ladan, benzoin, patchouli, oud, Szechwan pepper, frankincense, musk

  • #rōzuoudhon
  • Opulent rose, oud and black currant composition, incense, benzoin, musk and traces of Artemisia

  • #suddelafrance
  • Very summery happy scent….smells like luxury hotel, South of France, an expensive sunscreen, beaches, coconut, tuberose, ylang ylang, creamy and pistachio-nutty

  • #latinquarter
  • Roses, bergamot, oud, ladan, cardamon, patchouli, amyris and cedar. Gourmand deliciously sweet journey to a Parisian late night glass of champagne in The Latin Quarter

  • #lamaisondoudh
  • The feast for your nose. Indulge yourself in a fiery lavishness explosion of roses, almonds, musk, oud and…roses…and…almonds….olibanum, labdanum, cassis, benzoin and vanilla. Feel like padishah…

  • #frutetto

    Fresh, happy and sunny. Spicy, woody, mature peach, bitter Blood Orange syrup, honey and amber notes, powdery Frangipani, citrus and vanilla


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Ram Stanger

    I just received my weekly oil mask. So I have only used it one time. I just fell strongly enough to already give a review. I use a once a week stripper wash. I use a daily every other day in winter. Usually in summer it is everyday. My plan is to use this after my stripper wash. I decided not to use a conditioner. I always had previously following my stripper wash. I wanted nothing to interfere with the absorption of the oil mask. Today my beard feels absolutely AMAZING!! I used Nature's Gold blend oil and balm today. Nature's Gold itself is a fantastic product. But this took it to a new level. Absolutely you should try this product. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with the results.

    Level up your beard care

    At the time of this review I have had this blend for over a month and using as directed I have to say this is not your typical beard oil after a shower when my beard has been washed stripped however you say it for me my beard gets a little coarse this blend makes my beard feel like it's getting the nourishment it needs to be it's best I can feel my skin soak this oil right in I would say to use it for more than one week maybe a couple at the least to learn it I guess you can say it's got loads of nutrients in it from oils you do not see anywhere else except with this company truly exotic oils super nourishing