Green H Beard Oil In A Special Edition Hand Decorated Gift Bottle

  • $100.00

Fresh, green, spicy, warm and clean, slight metallic note at the opening, then spray is of mandarin and then the dry down smells of fern, lavender and ginger
  • Handmade in USA
  • In our signature Prestige oil blend

  • Wild Tshamma seed oil (Namibia)
  • Olive Squalane (France)
  • Baobab oil (Ghana)
  • Marula Oil (Namibia)
  • Behen Oil (Danmark)
  • Barbary Fig oil (Morocco)
  • Rose Hip seed oil (Chile)
  • Maracuja seed oil (Brazil)

  • Super potent Prestige beard and face repair oil is made out of the best 100% organic ingredients money can buy from all continents of the world. Extremely light colored and odorless it offers a delicate slip with good absorption and while 100% natural and organic presents a sensory profile more closely associated with esters and silicone emollients, improves dry comb, reduces hair breakage on repeat combing and boosts beard shine.

    Made of exclusive blend of 8 very rare, exotic and very expensive oils, rarely used by anybody in this industry. All ingredients are 100% Organic and 100% Natural. There is absolutely no anything in our blend that wasn't naturally produced by Earth.

    Spread few drops all over beard, damp face, especially skin under your beard

    2oz custom skull bottle

    Hand made, hand waxed, hand stamped

    Professional grade pump to prevent spills, keep out air and bacteria to ensure maximum shelf life, potency and optimal dispensing amount 

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