Tonka Bean Absolute Oil-based Scented Beard Oils

Tonka Bean Absolute Oil-based Scented Beard Oils

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Pure Ambrette oil (Peru) - Ambery, sweet, musky, slightly animal scent, with a fruity notes


Pure Frangipani flower has a sophisticated, lush, rich floral fragrance.


Dry, earthy, bark and pine-like top notes over smooth, rich notes of moss, wood, decaying leaf, fungus, lichen, and damp earth notes; deep and mysterious.


Pure Champaca from Madagascar, one of the most precious essential oils in a crystal clear French Squalane base. Smooth and rich sultry aroma of a spiced tea, apricot, deep vanilla-sweet floral undertones


Complex, tremendously rich and tenacious earthy floral reminiscent of champaca, with fresh, green, fruity-sweet and tea-like notes, soft cinnamon and tobacco nuances, and a warm, woody-sweet undertone.


Pure French lavender - Floral, sweet-herbaceous, and rich; full-bodied, smooth and complex.


Extremely rich, clean, intensely sweet floral aroma with a refined oily-fatty undertone; has a long, soft, sweetly floral drydown.


Clean, clear earthy aroma becomes deeper as it dries with very light smoky notes.


Powerful, intensely sweet, dense, balsamic floral aroma.


Vanilla Absolute oil  (Madagascar) Very rich, sweet, dense, characteristic vanilla aroma with a faint bitter undertone, chocolate-like nuances, and a very deep balsamic body note.

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Stephen Bayley
Obviously the best stuff

Got the Tonka/Vanilla in the emu blend for primarily nighttime use. It's perfect in every way.